Facebook – a love and hate relationship?

Definitely. Lots has been written and discussed about Facebook. People always have an opinion, either they love it or hate it, or both.

‘I hate Facebook’ said my friend yesterday and she won’t read this because she isn’t on Facebook – yet. Everyone eventually gets on Facebook, even die hard opponents have succumbed and opened accounts.

‘I don’t see why people should be able to see my photos and what I’m doing when I hardly even know some of them.’

‘Well you can adjust the settings’ I say.

‘I don’t know how to’ says friend.

‘It would be good to promote your business’ I say.

‘Maybe, but I can’t be bothered.’

I’ve had similar conversations with three of my friends this week neither of whom are on Facebook – something which I think is so strange, like not having a mobile phone. Others have gone on FB ‘fasts’ and even threatened to leave (I’ve never actually seen anyone who did leave, or maybe I just haven’t noticed) and those who do ‘friend culls’ and I’ve got into very uncomfortable situations because of FB a couple of times, so I thought about the reasons why I love and hate FB and here they are.

Why I love Facebook

Well love is a strong word here, the work ‘Like’ would be more appropriate to describe it.

  • I can keep in touch with friends who I’ve lost touch with. Just type in the name and you find (almost) everyone you’ve ever known
  • It’s great for stalking people
  • It’s good for networking – you can easily add and message someone someone you’ve met at a party on FB if you think they might be a useful contact. It’s way easier and less intrusive than asking them for their number or email
  • It’s good for promoting my blog (or for promoting your business if you have one)
  • It’s a good source of news and interesting links. I don’t even have to read the news I just open my FB page and I find out if anything really impactful or not impactful at all has occurred anywhere
  • I can see what everyone listens to on Spotify
  • I can see what where people have been ‘so and so has been at Gatwick Airport’
  • I can ask people random questions like where is a good restaurant in Paris
  • I feel like I have 200 or so friends who like what I say and are interested in my life
  • It’s good if you are travelling and can get in touch with people you’ve once known to crash in their houses in various locations of the world
  • I can keep in touch with my family in Oz
  • It can be a source of new opportunities

Why I hate Facebook

  • I have lost touch with some people for a reason – we no longer have anything in common so what’s the point of getting in touch again
  • I end up wasting time stalking people I’m not even interested in stalking and looking at rubbish photos/statuses/links that are a waste of time
  • Some people who I would actually like to stay in touch with are not on FB
  • I have to be careful in what I say and which photos I post so not to offend anyone or get in trouble, because I forget who I’m friends with
  • I feel strangely rejected when I find out that someone has ‘defriended’ me
  • It has massive potential to embarrass you and your friends and get you fired if used impulsively.

So added up I have 12 likes and and 6 unlikes. So obviously I like FB more than I hate it – which is a surprise even for me.

The main thing is that FB like the internet or email is here to stay.  I even FB message my friends now and have lost all their emails. I simply can’t imagine a life without it anymore. In general Facebook for me is mainly a networking tool and secondarily it is for keeping in touch with some of my close friends who are far away.

Can you think of anymore reasons why to love or hate Facebook? How do you feel about Facebook yourself?

About Maia

My name is Maia, I live in London, UK, and I originally come from the Czech Republic. Maia's World is my blog where I write about life in general, personal development, and about ideas, beliefs and discoveries on how to live a fuller life.
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