Not to fear…you need to make yourself vulnerable to experience life

I’m not scared….

‘A great deal of what people say, think, or do is actually motivated by fear, which of course is always linked with having your focus on the future and being out of touch with the Now. As there are no problems in the Now, there is no fear either’. Eckhart Tolle

I love this quote by Tolle. I try to remember it whenever I fear something, and usually it works. Sometimes my fears and worries about the future take my mind on a rollercoaster of cyclical thoughts and I start thinking about what if this, that or the other. But then I realise that I shouldn’t worry because I don’t even know how my life will pan out. The only thing I can do is enjoy what I have now and work towards what I want, but not worry about it.

Today I read an article in Psychologies called Dare to be weak by researcher Brené Brown, who also has a popular video on Ted about vulnerability.

She talks about the human need for connection and how vulnerability and accepting that it is necessary is the key to connecting with people.

Her research shows that people who feel loved and have a sense of belonging, believe that they are worthy of love and belonging. To experience life, you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable and put your neck out in uncomfortable situations.

It means that you have to have the courage to step out of your comfort zone and do whatever you want to do and say without fearing how this will make you exposed and vulnerable to the opinions and possible rejection by others and those close to you. It’s about being authentic and showing the real you, which leaves you vulnerable and exposed but that is also the only way to create meaningful connections with people.

You have to avoid wanting to make everything certain and perfect and instead accept who you really are and not who you should be.

‘We need to let ourselves be seen, really seen, and love with our whole hearts, even though there is no guarantee, have joy and gratitude, think  I am enough and be vulnerable because that is how you know you’re alive.’ Brené Brown

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My name is Maia, I live in London, UK, and I originally come from the Czech Republic. Maia's World is my blog where I write about life in general, personal development, and about ideas, beliefs and discoveries on how to live a fuller life.
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2 Responses to Not to fear…you need to make yourself vulnerable to experience life

  1. Hey nice post. That’s a really interesting video. Its definitely hard to realise that you cant stronghold yourself against the future or prepare for everything and that sometimes you just have to let it happen. It’s a mindset I’ve been implementing since reading Tolle but has been taking some practice. As regards connection it’s really weird that there’s probably certain people that are in your life for years and you may not really know them at all or ever know them because every interaction is just two egos meeting each other and protecting their own self image. Seems so stupid and petty and such a waste when you realise what you’re actually doing.

    P.S. The Alchemist is one of my all time favourite books as well as the two Eckhart Tolle ones and I really enjoyed the Kite Runner aswell. Haven’t come across most of the others on your list but will check them out. I’m reading J. Krishnamurti’s book Meeting Life at the moment it’s really good, you should check it out if you haven’t before.

    • Maia says:

      Hi Emmet, thanks for the comment and you’re right about the not knowing someone apart from their ego – it’s hard to separate them I guess, we are so used to doing it that way. Thanks for the book recommendation, I will definitely check it out.

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