Journey of life – a poem

1406497_sunlight_sparkling_between_tree_trunks_in_forestSometimes I wonder what life is about,

sometimes I want to go out and shout:

“Universe just show me the way,

I want to know what I should be doing each day.”


I want to feel fulfilled, happy and free,

I want to be grateful for just being me,

for having all the wonderful things I already have,

my health, my friends, my family should be enough.


But I seem to always want more,

striving and fighting to the core,

going from one goal to the next,

not being content with what I have now.


My intuition tells me to go,

to pursue more and more goals.

Will I ever stop wanting more?

I don’t know, but I don’t think so.


I love the challenges each goal brings,

when I set my mind to do more and more things.

I love the feeling when I achieve what I’ve set out to do,

even though often I don’t see it through.


I lose interest when I feel I’ve no more to learn,

and for the next challenge I start to yearn.

Life in this way seems like a constant struggle,

where there is always more to unravel.


It’s fun to play the game of life,

there’s always something out there,

something new,

that’s just out of view.


I’ll find it soon and then there’ll be more to come,

this is what makes life worth living,

constantly discovering and finding meaning,

learning, developing, changing, loving, yearning, trying, doing, revealing,

searching for the ultimate truth, on the wonderful journey of life.


About Maia

My name is Maia, I live in London, UK, and I originally come from the Czech Republic. Maia's World is my blog where I write about life in general, personal development, and about ideas, beliefs and discoveries on how to live a fuller life.
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2 Responses to Journey of life – a poem

  1. Alex Brodsky says:

    Ahoj Maia,
    Love the poem! Have been following you for a while and enjoy your postings.


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