Change is our destiny

1269510_flower_eyeChange is hard. My soul yearns to do lots of things but my ego is scared. It tells me, ‘oh but that could be dangerous, that could be painful, that could be embarrassing, that could be…’

What is the answer? Sometimes the answer is thinking, oh not now, I’ll do that when…’I have more money, more time, next year…’add in your own excuse here. Or the other better answer is ‘feel the fear and do it anyway.’

Recent books I’ve read including Children who remember past lives and Life after life, as well as most recently Clemens Kuby’s  Towards the next dimension, have strengthened me in the belief that our souls continue being reborn, or reincarnated. There is no other way I can explain that some people remember previous lives accurately.

In his book (unfortunately the book does not seem to be translated into English), Kuby tells his amazing story of recovery. He had an accident, which led to the fact that the doctors said he had no chance of walking again, he would be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. But Kuby refused to believe this and instead spent long periods in what was deep meditation, concentrating on his soul, his ego had been suppressed because of the sheer agony that every movement was causing him.

Eventually, he was able to move his toe and then start walking. He had cured himself. None of the doctors that were there believed it and one fell to his knees thanking God that he had performed this miracle before them.

While still on his hospital bed, unable to walk, Kuby had a vision that he went to a place where there were no roads, no white flour, no sugar , no tourists and no electricity. His friend who came to visit him said, ‘I’ve been to this place, it’s called Ladak and it’s in the West Himalayas.’ This gave Kuby hope and further motivation to cure himself and go to Ladak to make a documentary about ‘uncivilised people.’

When he did learn to walk he went to Ladak and the first person he met by ‘coincidence’ was the Dalai Lama, with whom he started a conversation, and which led to the discovery that while the people he was making a documentary about where not civilised by our materialistic measures, they were civilised much more than the West in terms their awareness of the spiritual world and listened to their souls.

This led him to make the film Living Buddha and Towards the next dimension, where he visits shamans in all cultures, in India, South America, Russia, Tibet, Korea and Africa. He sees the different techniques they use and basically concludes that they are masters of performance. Sometimes people that go to them are terminally ill and the doctors have told them they have no chance to survive. They go to the shaman, participate in rituals and then the cancer is gone. He sees that the shamans, through their theatrical methods, create the belief in the individuals that they are cured, their minds become convinced of it and so they really are cured. The person has to believe they will get better, and the shaman only helps them. If someone doesn’t believe they can get better no one can help them.

Kuby speaks of people being spiritual beings, as opposed to just material beings. The spirit survives when the body and ego are gone and then can find another body to live in. This cannot be proven, it can only be felt.

In this sense everybody has timeless wisdom at their disposal because their souls may have lived through a lot, through many lives and can also connect with the one soul that we all came from – you can call it God, energy, the universe, whatever you like. Eventually there comes a stage where we can become aware of our past lives and learn from them, like the Dalai Lamas are constantly being reincarnated into new bodies and their followers always find them. They can choose where and to go and to whom they are reincarnated.

The soul knows that it is eternal, only the ego is worried that it will die along with the body and therefore lets us live in fear of illness and  death. But if the soul is eternal, than we have nothing to worry about because we will never die.

Even lovers, that loved each other in past lives can find themselves meeting again in other lives – which can be ‘love at first sight’ or the feeling that they’ve known someone for long, even before they’ve met them. The soul remembers the love of another soul from the past life and so keeps searching for it in this life.

Kuby tells the story that after he started believing in reincarnation, he wanted his grandmother to be reborn to him as his daughter. He told his grandmother (who had passed away 10 years ago) that she would be welcome to be reincarnated in his daughter if she would like to do so. Two weeks later his wife became pregnant, and a baby girl was born. When she was four years old, the little girl told them, that she already had children – they were now grown up and were called Erich and Lisel and that she was a singer. Kuby’s father had indeed been called Erich and his aunt was Lisel. His grandmother had also been a renowned opera singer.

Well sceptics might say that this could be chance that the little girl said this, perhaps she was influenced by her father’s wish, or telepathy was at play. But this book and other literature and accounts, show that there are many examples of these cases, and in the end there can be no solid proof of reincarnation, as there is no proof for the existence of a Higher being, but deep down we can feel what is true for us and what is not true or right for us, even though our logic might try and fight what we feel.

Everything we consider true, has to be something different for each of us.

– Quote from the film Towards the next dimension.



About Maia

My name is Maia, I live in London, UK, and I originally come from the Czech Republic. Maia's World is my blog where I write about life in general, personal development, and about ideas, beliefs and discoveries on how to live a fuller life.
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2 Responses to Change is our destiny

  1. Alex Brodsky says:

    Nice! Too bad there are no Kuby’s books in English. Would have been fun to read them.
    Check out Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, both by Michael Newton. You may enjoy his research.

    • Maia says:

      Yes it’s a shame that the book is not in English. The film with English subtitles is on youtube though (link is in my post) if you want to watch it. But the book was better I think as always. Will look at the Newton books, thanks for the tip.

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